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Print Posted 08/10/2016 in Event

How to Find Something to do for the Weekend

How to Find Something to do for the Weekend

Local Events Website

Not so long ago, I was looking for something to do with my 2 year old son at the weekend. We could go to the park or to the local playground.

But we had done those for the past few weekends. I was looking for something else, but I was not sure what. Perhaps there was something on nearby that I had not heard about. But how would I go about finding out if there was anything on nearby? 

Perhaps a Google search...or looking at a local newspaper.

Well, Google was likely to give me a generic list and would depend on the exact words I put into the search engine. And it would depend on if the local event or activity was listed on the web and if a specific event for this weekend was advertised.

The local newspaper probably was a better option, but I did't have that to hand.

So I thought to myself is there any website that could give me what I wanted.... I just couldn't think of any.

Well perhaps I should start that website myself - so I did, and it's On-Nearby.com.

The aim for the website is to provide local events organisers and anyone with local attractions and activities they want to showcase, to have one website that lists all of these events, and makes it easy for someone to search what's on in their locality.

People could search by location or by category or keywords. So for example if you were looking for something to do with the kids, you may find it under the Family and Kids category.

When doing a search like this, all related events advertised within a 50 mile radius would appear.

Sounds great don't you think. I certainly think so.

So here is a call for action to all of the event organisers, attraction owners etc. to get their events on to the website. And the great news is it's practically free to do so. If you have just 1 event or attraction you can add this for free.

If you have multiple events that you would want to advertise, then there is a nominal fee of €1.00 that allows you to add unlimited events for a year. I don't think you can find better value than that!

And if you are that parent at home, and wondering what to do for the weekend, why not take a look at the site, and see if there are any local events listed that may interest you. If not, and you know of some local businesses that could benefit from listing, please let them know, so others can benefit from this.

The site depends on as many events, activities and attractions as possible listing.

And it's not just Family and Kids activities I am talking about.

The site also has categories covering Sports Events, Business Events (e.g. conferences etc.), Outdoor Events, Festivals and other Music Events, Comedy, Performing Arts and much more.

So, once again, welcome to On-Nearby.com. Don't forget where you heard it first. I am confident this will be a household name very soon.

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